Five Stars

Shipping Company



Logistics Services:

Sea Freight

Ocean freight being break bulk, containerized of FCL or LCL is being taken care of on the imports or exports or in transit via Jordan.

Five Stars Shipping is committed to have your ocean freight secured on the reliable liner service to the desired destination worldwide.

The concept of preferred carrier on certain trade lanes is well tried and proved to be an added value service. Ocean freight is no exception, no matter of weight, size, or nature Five Stars Shipping has the solution and professional partners on both ends of origin and destination are committed to safe and smooth delivery.



Air Freight

With Five Stars Shipping your interests is fully protected when moving your cargo by air as cargo is handled by professional both ends. Worldwide coverage for your inbound and outbound shipments, no matter how small shipment it is or large on the weight scale by regular liners or full loads by chartered flights if necessary. Just order the goods, conclude the commercial deal no matter what mode of transport it is and leave it in our hands to deliver.



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