Five Stars

Shipping Company


We are established in 2010, but Five Stars Shipping management and operational team has a long history of delivering expertise. Over the years we have learned that every shipment we handle is a vital component of our customers' success. That's why we always take the customers point of view, handling each shipment with care and dedication, ensuring it arrives on time, every time. And we place great value on our long-term relationships with customers. Because we realize that the next shipment is just as important as the first.

Our company based in Amman who has customized solutions. We have a long history & experience in the field of Logistics as well as Supply chain management. Our main edge is that we never lose sight of the fact that the core of our business is Personalized Customer Service. We have a diversified portfolio of Freight Management; Five Stars Shipping offers highly specialized services, including Defence and Government Services, Project Logistics, Fairs and Events also special multi-modal service for perishable goods. Where we add to each of these businesses an additional Customer Care Service.

Express Special Services are here to help you.

- Time Critical Services - Speed, no limits, local and global, guaranteed.
- Freight Services - Flexible worldwide delivery by air, road and sea.
- Special Handling Services - Extra care and extra security

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